Health & Safety

Our business is built on our ability to carry out challenging tasks safely, often in hazardous operational environments, so health and safety sits at the heart of our processes and our business culture.

Every member of our team is safety trained and their training is regularly updated and refreshed to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest practice and compliance requirements. We have a safety-first culture, with high expectations for excellent safety behaviours, prompt reporting of incidents and near misses, and openness about where any safety improvements need to be made.

The safety of our teams and the staff on site at our customers’ premises is a high priority at all times. That’s why every project is individually risk assessed and meticulously planned to ensure safety and efficiency.

Safety best practice also relies on deployment of the right equipment for the job, which is why we’re continuously investing in our fleet and ensure that maintenance, servicing and safety-check regimes are in place to support safe operation of every vehicle and piece of lifting plant.

Alongside our focus on safety, we’re also committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our team. Regular health checks and sight tests ensure that every member of the team is fit for work and able to do their job safely, protected by the right PPE for their role.

Operational Control

Effective quality assurance, health and safety and environmental responsibility rely on a structured framework of integrated policies and processes that are embedded in planning and delivery of every project.

Each project begins with a contract evaluation to ensure that the scope of works is clear and we have a full understanding of what’s involved. This is followed by an operational risk review and a detailed method statement, which outlines how potential hazards will be managed during the project delivery phase.

There is a clear pre-mobilisation process in place with detailed standards and expectations and every project is delivered with an operational control induction, RAMS and supervision.

We ensure that the team structure, vehicles and equipment we will use and channels of communication are clear, both within our own project team and across all client and third-party personnel. This forms part of a robust procedure for project delivery that is measurable and accountable.

Our operational controls are subject to detailed governance and regular auditing to ensure we capitalise on any learnings or opportunities for improvement and always deliver a safe, environmentally-responsible and high-quality service.


Our commitment to quality, health and safety and the environment is backed by a variety of recognised standards and accreditations. This means that our systems and compliance are regularly audited and consistently monitored and that our performance across these areas is reviewed, with targets set for continuous improvement.

Our accreditations and approvals include:

  • ISO45001
  • ISO14001: 2015
  • ISO9001
  • BS EN1090 (Structural Steel)
  • ECA
  • Alcumus SafeContractor
  • Constructionline
  • British Safety Council membership
  • RoSPA Gold Medal

Training Standards and Qualifications

We value our people and they are our business’s most important asset. Training plays an essential role in retaining our expertise and serving our customers. It not only ensures our people are qualified for their role and able to deliver high standards of service, safety and environmental compliance on site at all times; it also creates opportunity for career development within the company.

Each member of the team has an induction when they join us, which includes assessing any training needs and establishing a personal training plan, tailored to their needs and aspirations. From this point, additional training can be requested either by the management team, or the employee, and training plans are reviewed and updated annually as part of our staff appraisal process.

Training can be delivered as in-house ‘on the job’ competency development, by external providers or through e-learning, and most of our team will engage with all three types of training during their career. Records of employees’ qualifications are meticulously maintained to ensure that certification is renewed on time where applicable, and that agreed training plans are completed successfully.

The training we provide for our team includes certification from bodies including: