Making events safer with temporary security solutions

Getting together for events and celebrations should be an environment where people can relax and have fun, but, following a number of attacks using vehicles to target crowds, vulnerability to terrorism is a risk that needs to be factored in to any events or gatherings.

Ainscough Industrial Services’ CEO, Matt Ainscough, and Deborah Ainscough established Crowdguard to provide Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions for events and gatherings, providing effective, innovative crowd protection products with excellent build quality, backed by rigorous testing. 

Crowdguard provides both the crowd protection equipment and an expert installation service which ensures the performance and integrity of the solution and delivers an efficient approach to protecting people with minimum disruption.

Thanks to our 40 years’ experience and expertise in handling, moving and installing equipment, AIS Industrial Services was the natural choice of installation partner for Crowdguard. Leveraging our national network and in-house fleet, we help the company to plan projects across the UK, delivering installation of their Surface Guard product with precision, efficiency and safety and liaising closely with counter terrorism, policing and event security professionals.

It’s a partnership that aims to set new standards for HVM installation, ensuring people can enjoy the freedom to gather at locations such as stadiums and venues, and events such as music festivals and parades. Effective protection against attacks thanks to the partnership between Crowdguard and AIS Industrial services gives them peace of mind and improved safety.