Our Leadership Team

Matt Ainscough

Group CEO

Matt is a dynamic and charismatic CEO who divides his time between site, branch and office, as he drives the business forward through his own unique mix of pragmatism and visionary planning.

He benefits from more than 25 years’ experience in the heavy lifting and industrial services business. In 2009, he bought the then Ainscough Vanguard Limited from family shareholders and since that time has set ambitious targets which have precipitated exponential growth for the group.

With a dual focus on premium delivery of service to the client and the motivation and wellbeing of the AIS team, he insists on effective communication and keeping live performance information running at all times to ensure the business operates smoothly, enabled by a flat management structure with direct reporting mechanisms which are reviewed daily.

Matt’s vision, which is shared and communicated to the company’s management on an ongoing basis is quite simple: to set the industry standard on a national and international level. This will be accomplished through well-planned and controlled growth and continuous improvement, with zero compromise on quality or safety.

Matt is most proud of the resilience shown by AIS’s longstanding and hardworking staff amid the many challenges and uncertainties faced over the years by the business, which in his opinion has only gained in strength as a result of adversity.

David Cheers

Group Finance Director

David a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant began his accounting career in 1988. David leverages his previous involvement in business acquisitions, multi-million pound property deals, contact negotiations, disputes & resolutions to bring clear-eyed and informed decision-making and expertise to the AIS senior executive team.

Providing finance leadership for AIS and all its group companies, David handles daily management of the business’s accounts function, including cash control and modelling, credit control, finance raising, tax and legislative affairs and more.

Our longest standing director, David is known for running a tight ship, and maintaining a keen focus on cashflow and credit control. He is both a grounding and stabilising force for the group, while being approachable, dependable, and armed with a keen, and somewhat dry, sense of humour.

Stephen Edge

Group Engineering Director

A mechanical engineer of more than 25 years’ experience, Stephen has a real passion for safety, continuous improvement and operational excellence. Having gained significant experience across EMEA, he has held senior engineering and commercial positions in food, paper, and material handling sectors.

Stephen works tirelessly towards AIS goals across Sales, IT, Assets, Health & Safety, ensuring we live up to our commitment to excellence and driving us towards our objectives in both safety and operational delivery.

As our Group Engineering Director, Stephen provides outstanding leadership and mentoring as well as the implementation and stewardship of new and existing processes, considering all factors of delivery from training through to assets including safety and sales representation/consumer perception.

Stephen’s role across our group is to lead and develop our service capability such that we deliver our engineering services to the very highest standards of professionalism and safety. 

With a talent for strategy and a strongly analytical mind, Stephen is approachable, funny, and you can always rely on him to be an energetic and detail-orientated member of the team on any project or undertaking.

Robert McLemon

Group Commercial Director

Following three decades working in senior roles across the industrial, construction, infrastructure, engineering, oil and gas and petro-chem sectors, including serving as MD of Norwest Holst Engineering (Scotland) and Divisional Director of Vinci Services, Robert joined Ainscough Industrial Services in 2015.

A Chartered Surveyor [MRICS] with a Master’s Degree in Law, [LLM] Robert works closely with the group companies to develop a commercial strategic vision, advise on the legal and commercial implications of major projects and manage corporate legal compliance and commercial risk.

He plays an instrumental role in ensuring the business’s trading profitability and protection, looking at all factors of commercial success from cost control through pricing and productivity, with diverse leadership functions across procurement and HR, insurance, property leases and various other group wide responsibilities.

With a decisive and unhesitating character, Robert believes that the success of AIS is dependent on our business being customer orientated, flexible, accurate and professional, and he is firmly committed to the continuous investment in our colleagues for the assurance of their safety, to develop their skills and to foster employment satisfaction ultimately translating to customer satisfaction.