Ainscough Industrial Services is the UK’s expert in machine relocation, machine decommissioning and custom fabrication projects.

While there are consistent elements across engineering projects, each task can vary. This variation may mean that the standard solution won’t work for your project.

For example there may be height restrictions on site that means a standard lifting solution can’t be used.

This is where the experience and equipment of Ainscough Industrial Services comes into its own.

We’re able to create a tailored solution that takes into account all of your unique requirements and potential site limitations.

We have worked on a variety of projects where a tailored solution was required to provide the best result. For Smit Transformers BV we had to develop a custom solution due to the variety of weights their rotating table would have to handle.

For Charles Thompson Ltd we developed a custom lifting strategy to account for the space restrictions on site.

Our project managers are skilled at working with both your internal team and our experts to make sure that we provide the most effective and safe solution possible.

To find out more about our custom engineering solutions, contact our team today.