Making sure our people get home safely lies at the heart of everything we do.

At Ainscough Industrial we fully recognise that the very nature of our business can be potentially hazardous to our own employees, our clients, those working around us and the general public. Providing a safe, responsible and healthy work environment is vital to our continued success. Over many decades we have built up an enviable safety record due to a real appreciation of what’s required to safely run a business of this nature. This culture starts a grass roots level and remains as a program of continual improvement on an ongoing basis.

  • Proper job planning and thorough risk assessment
  • Experienced in-house QESH team
  • Standardised safe systems of work
  • Extensive employee training to recognised standards
  • Full provision and use of PPE
  • In house safety management, auditing and reporting
  • Ongoing communication with customers and staff
  • Use of fully tested and certified equipment
  • Fully OHSAS 18001 certified

In addition Ainscough Industrial recognise the environmental impact of our business activities and as such are committed to protecting the environment and creating sustainable future for the next generation and beyond.